What will I learn?

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  • 2

    Your brand story

    • Why your brand story is important
    • Six steps to creating a compelling brand story
    • Case study
    • Task 01 - write your own brand story
  • 3

    Sub stories and topics

    • Sub stories and topics
    • Task 02 - use mind mapping to brainstorm sub stories and topics
    • Mind map example
  • 4

    Content format

    • Formats - the 'how' of content mapping
    • Examples
    • Task 03 - match content formats with your topics
  • 5

    Brand touchpoints

    • Where to publish - your brand touchpoints
    • Task 04 - audit your brand touchpoints
  • 6

    Create a content calendar

    • Your content calendar
    • What to consider when creating a calendar for your business
    • Calendar template
  • 7


    • Next steps
    • Resources

This course is for you if

  • You want to ensure that the content you publish is on brand and aligns with your brand story

  • You don't want to waste any more time publishing content that does not serve a purpose or drives a business objective

  • You struggle to attract the right audience because your messaging is confusing

Course extras

In addition to full course access you will also receive

  • Editable pdf workbook

    Your own pdf workbook with plenty of space to add notes, brainstorm and write down ideas. Most importantly it provides you with the structure to build your own content roadmap.

  • Facebook group

    You'll get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me plenty of questions and connect with other business owners while you work through the course.

What other's say

Don't take my word for it, take theirs.

Hilary Archer, founder of The Merchant Assembly

This is the clear, all-in one overview I've been waiting for

Hilary Archer, founder of The Merchant Assembly

Julia’s course is an absolute gem for anyone looking to map out what is relevant to their brand and what is compelling for their audience. How to organise and where to maximise content and all the best tools to do so. This is the clear, all-in-one overview I’ve been waiting for and will definitely be recommending to all my small business clients!
Eirlie Beach, owner and founder of Overall1516

Seeing your content calendar it just clicked

Eirlie Beach, owner and founder of Overall1516

"I have to tell you that I love the way you laid out the content calendar in your course! I've been trying to find one that I actually 'get' and I've totally struggled with the concept until seeing yours and it just clicked."
Iris Brannan, Luella & Rose

Julia has really made me think about how I use my voice within this space.

Iris Brannan, Luella & Rose

"Julia has created an in-depth course on content mapping. She shares some genuinely helpful and interesting information (she doesn't waffle along as some often do) and she's really made me think about how I use my voice within this space. I'd highly recommend checking her out if you're into this sort of thing."

My story

Julia Wetzel

Julia Wetzel

I’m Julia, founder of JDW, a marketing consultancy for creative businesses and lifestyle brands. After working in marketing for big corporates as well as smaller design studios for 12+ years, I decided to use my expertise and knowledge to support other creatives in nailing their social media and marketing. I am a visual thinker, so for me good design is a must, but equally I believe there is not much point in implementing a marketing campaign without a solid strategy and clear objectives in place.